Looking for freelance writing gigs? If you’re a freelance writer, the task of finding great quality gigs can be hard to find if you don’t know what to look for. So where do you start?

Getting starting is easy, but only when you have enough work to get by. The biggest problem with writing freelance is that there is no consistency. It is important not to keep all your eggs in one basket as you may lose a large chunk of your revenue.

The internet is full of people who are willing to pay cents on the dollar for quality work. But we’re here to help you weed out the cheap jobs and find the best sites that are worth your time and effort. Whether you are just starting your journey as a freelance writer or simply looking to broaden your career, here are six freelancing websites that help you find more content writing gigs.


With more than 18 million users and 10 million projects being posted, Freelancer is a fast-growing site that provides opportunities for all sorts of freelancers. Signing up for Freelancer is easy and posting a project is even easier. You can post a project that can be private, urgent and NDA-require as well as choose the rating of the writers – from free to necessary levels. Most employers even skip this process and look for freelancers directly on the site.

Freelancer offers time tracking tools, but keep in mind that they’re not free. Trial membership is free but will increase as the users go from standard to premium memberships.


Previously known as oDesk, Upwork provides work for all types of freelancers – from graphic designers and content writers to virtual assistants. It is a popular freelance due that’s been around for nearly ten years with millions of freelancers in a variety of fields ready to work and get started. While the site is a great source for finding clients, the number of applicants can be overwhelming especially when many of them apply for jobs they aren’t qualified for.

Upwork offers both short and long term projects as clients have the choice of paying per project or hour. No matter if you’re just starting out in freelancing or only looking for more work, Upwork will have plenty of opportunities for you.


What rooted from the frustration of using the first platforms of freelance, the founders of outsourcely solved the issues of searching for reliable freelancers, high payment fees and the problem of hiring directly.

Outsourcely is an easy-to-use source with workers from nearly 125 countries looking to find long-term work. This is ideal for clients who are in search of building sustainable work relationships. You can search for workers by skill or posting a job. Then you will be able to contact the candidates by using chat, video and voice calling or through email. What makes Outsourcely different is that the site allows you to hire workers and pay them directly. This saves you a lot of money in fees that other platforms charge.

LinkedIn Pro-Finder

Inspired by the popular freelancer sites like Upwork and Freelancer, LinkedIn’s ProFinder finds matches for customers who are looking for a specific type of service with a qualified professional. With the variety of user data, LinkedIn helps filter search based on the profession, location, recommendations, network and more.

What’s more is that ProFinder is completely free to use for both clients and freelancers. LinkedIn takes profit from financial transactions by charging service provider fees and other ways. LinkedIn remains as a dominant site for professional networking with its track record, power, user data and membership still continuing to grow.


Guru is a freelance site that allows you to showcase your experience as they are dedicated to all types of freelance work. One unique feature that Guru has to offer is the ability to manage your project without the need to leave the site as there is a built-in project management app.

Posting a project is free, but there will be a fee that is deducted from the payment.


Similar to Upwork and freelancer, Staff.com is another online market that helps you find freelancers all over the globe. The main difference is that Staff.com is meant for long-term positions rather than per project. Freelancers are intended to work for a period of months and hopefully even years.

Currently, there are nearly 200,000 freelancers that offer their services. Once clients post jobs, a short list of candidates will be provided in the database, ready for the interviews.

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